lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

Romeo y Julieta (1968) Soundtrack - Nino Rota


1. Prologue and Fanfare for The Prince (1:48)

2. Romeo (4:05)

3. Juliet (1:34)

4. The Feast at the House of Capulet (2:07)

5. Their First Meeting (2:51)

6. What is a Youth (2:26)

7. What Light through yonder Window breaks? (2:56)

8. Parting is such sweet Sorrow (2:40)

9. But this I pray... consent to marry us today (3:07)

10.Romeo and Juliet are wed (1:44)

11.The Death of Mercutio and Tybalt (1:05)

12.Nightis Candles are burnt out (4:29)

13.Adieu (Farewell Love Scene) (1:52)

14.The Likeness of Death (3:41)

15.The Ride from Mantua (2:56)

16.Death... Hath sucked the Honey of thy Breath (1:49)

17.Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet (in Capuletis Tomb) (3:05)

18.O Happy Dagger! (The Death of Juliet) (4:13)

19.Epilogue (7:42)

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